So this is a departure from the travel writing…I promise, I will get back to our Italy trip soon, but I have been distracted by work as well as a new venture that I wanted to share.

As of last week, I went on a journey of a different kind–I became a distributor for Shaklee, a company that produces vitamins, nutritional supplements, cleaning products, skin care, and weight-management strategies. I started using the products after my college roommate, who I met in 1997 (freshman year at Boston College!) and have trusted implicitly since our first introduction, introduced me to Shaklee. Since then, my energy levels have increased exponentially and I feel reinvigorated and a sense of clarity that I have not known in a long time, possibly ever.

So with my newfound energy, I will get back to travel blogging. Please feel free to visit my site and read my story here.



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