Back at it–London, Rome and Milan, here we come!


The view of Rome from above


After an almost 4 year traveling hiatus, we decided to plan a trip again. Vacation days, amazing airfare, and severe wanderlust all serendipitously intersected and thus began our trip!

A little bit of background: my husband and I have our finger on the pulse of airfare and our bags are half-packed (I’m partly joking) so that we can take off pretty much at a moment’s notice (more on packing later). Over the past year, I have been working on my Italian skills for this very purpose by listening to Berlitz and Pimsleur courses and taking continuing adult education Italian lessons as time permits. Ultimately, my Italian teacher told me that I just needed to go to Italy and speak. With that decree tipping the scales, it was time to plan a trip.

We knew that we wanted to go and had an idea of when, but airfare was just not cooperating. We are located in the Philadelphia area and constantly watch airfares to Europe out of NYC, Newark, and Philly airports using One of the best ways to keep an eye on this is via Twitter, but the site also sends out fare alerts via emails for particular routes.  Always ones to jump on a good deal, we found airfare on Emirates for $400 round trip per person from NYC to Milan–nonstop. Game on.

Airfare to Milan booked, we began planning our itinerary. We seem to be developing a pattern: we visit a city, stay for a few days, then yearn to go back. Our last trip to Europe included one previously-seen city (Paris) and added on a new one (London). This time around, we decided to revisit London and Rome, then tack on Milan and Orvieto. Some people may want to see as many cities as possible during a trip, others like to stay in one place, but we wanted to mix it up a little bit. We both loved Rome and London and felt that we had more to see and do in each city, which is why we decided to go back.

Our itinerary was as follows: fly from NYC into Milan, then transfer to an EasyJet flight to London without even leaving the airport. Spend three nights in London, then take an EasyJet flight from London to Rome. After spending 4 nights in Rome (day-tripping to Orvieto by train), we planned to take a train from Rome to Milan, then spend a night in Milan and fly out the following day. We decided to stay in Milan not only to see the city but to not have to rush before catching our flight and risk missing it due to some unforeseen train strike (as so often occurs in Italy…).

Full report to follow!


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